We'll buy almost any car, even one that's nearing the end of its lifespan. If your loyal jalopy has seen better days, but still gets down the road, contact us to find out what it's worth.

You can expect your offer within 1 business day.

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What junk cars do you buy?

Your vehicle needs to be running enough that it can be driven to our St Paul dealership under its own power. We don't buy tow-ins.

A junk car we won't buy

This is a junk car we won't buy. You'll need to have it scrapped.

How much will you pay?

Typically, for a "junk" car, you might get just a few hundred dollars. It really depends on condition, mileage, age, and model. We buy cars of all types, and we'll gladly pay $30,000 for a car if that's what it's worth.

Can I donate my car to you?

No. We don't accept vehicle donations. The minimum we can pay for a vehicle is $1.

How can I get paid?

We'll cut you a check on the spot when we come pick up the car, or when you bring it to our Twin Cities dealership to hand it off. Or, you can also trade in the vehicle as credit toward one of our new or used vehicles.

What do you do with junk cars?

We wholesale them to other businesses. Sometimes, the vehicle gets repaired and re-sold on a car lot somewhere. Other times, it goes to a junkyard.

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