Your car is valuable, and you deserve a good price for it. Get an offer that respects both you and your time. Whether your car is in the $4,000 range or the $40,000 range, see what you can get for it.

Get an offer

How to get your offer


Send us info + photos

Tell us about your car and snap a few quick photos with your phone.

  • 5-7 minutes to complete
  • No commitment


Review and accept your offer

You'll get an email or text message when your offer is ready, with a private link to view it.

  • 1 business day or less
  • A custom appraisal for your unique vehicle
  • Guaranteed offer, whether you sell or trade in, good for 7 days


Final handoff

After you accept your offer, we'll be in touch to arrange drop-off (or pickup, within 20 miles).

  • We'll do a simple check to make sure it's the right car
  • You sign the title
  • You get a check that you can cash immediately

  • Just curious what your car is worth? Not ready to sell right away? It's OK if you aren't sure about selling or trading to us. You can get a quote anyway! If you like what you see, it's easy to accept. If you don't, it's easy to move on (or get in touch with your appraiser).

Every used car we sell is a car that we bought.

We buy 300+ used cars every month, from individual customers and other dealers.

We invest over $200,000 every month reconditioning those used cars before putting them up for sale: inspections, oil changes, tires, brakes, transmission fluid, etc.

If a car doesn't meet our standards to put the Buerkle name on it, we sell it at wholesale. That means even if your car is older or more worn than what's typically on our lot, we can still buy it from you.

We always need more used car inventory. Is your car next?

Our appraisers

Meet the people who will evaluate your car, SUV, van or truck.

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown

New Car Manager
Shoots videos with drones

Ryan knows more about Hyundais than anyone on the planet and will gladly tell you all of it.

Tim Parisian

Used Cars Manager
Knows all the best burger bars

Tim has worked at all the Buerkle stores and has a sharp eye for what will sell and what will not.

Ryan Brown

Kevin Larson

Inventory Manager
Practically lives on a boat

Kevin is the newest one on our team and he is looking forward to meeting you!


Questions about trading in or selling your car?

Can I sell my car with a loan on it?

In most cases, yes. If your vehicle is worth more than the remaining loan amount due, it's relatively simple. If you owe more on your vehicle than what it's worth, it's more complicated, but still possible.

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Can I sell my leased car?

Yes, you can sell a car that you've leased. Technically, you don't own the car, the leasing company does; so we will buy directly from the leasing company.

Do you buy cars that don't run?

We'll buy almost any car, as long as it works well enough to get to the dealership under its own power. The price for a junk car is typically going to be < $500.

What's the benefit of selling to you instead of selling my car private party?

There's no need to message, call, and schedule with multiple individual potential buyers and tire-kickers. Or worse yet, list your car online and go weeks without hearing from anyone.

If you trade in your vehicle, you can see significant tax savings on the new vehicle you purchase ー about $650 for a $10,000 trade-in value. This benefit is not possible with private party sales.

You can get a solid quote from us, online, at any time, within one business day.

How do I know I'm getting a good offer?

You're free to compare your offer with other used car buyers in the area!

We price competitively. We compare your vehicle to all similar vehicles that are for sale in the local area, the state, and even the entire Midwest or United States for rarer models, as well as ones that have sold recently.

We do need margin to be able to recondition and stock vehicles on our lot, and operate our business, so just like with any dealership, you can expect your car to be listed for sale for a higher price than what we can afford to pay you for it.